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What is PSExplorer?

PSExplorer makes it easier for users to find the windows powershell commandlets for sharepoint.
You'll no longer have to use the windows powershell just to see the commands. Its' developed using ASP.NET MVC, XML, XPath and JQuery.

How to deploy?

Two ways to deploy PSExplorer
  • Use the PSExplorer.ps1(please find as part of downloads) powershell script or
  • Manual configuration


• IIS 7
• Internet Explorer 7 or 8.
• .NET Framework 4.0
• Windows PowerShell 1.0 and above.

1.Deploy using PowerShell Script

To deploy the PSExplorer we need to create a website and application pool in the local IIS 7.
Step 1: Go to Start-->Windows PowerShell Modules


PSExplorer.ps1 is used to create website and application pool in the local IIS. If you want to change the website name, application pool and port no, open the PSExplorer.ps1 file and change it. Then follow the below steps to execute the script.

Step 2: Set the location to the deployment folder
NOTE: Edit the “PSExplorer.ps1” (open it with notepad) file and change the path physical path


If you have downloaded the “PSExplorer” folder to “E:\Downloads” then set the location to the respective folder in the Windows PowerShell.

“Set-location E:\Downloads”

Once the path is set now run the “PSExplorer.ps1”


Step 3: After executing .ps1 file, IE window will pop up with the created “PSExplorer” site URL

Verification Instructions:
If you are able to see the below explorer window then deployment is successful. You can start exploring the PSExplorer.


3.Deploy manually and configure PSExplorer

In case if “Windows PowerShell Modules” is not installed and if you wish to manually configure then follow below steps.

Step 1: Download the deployment folder and save it to the physical drive.
Step 2: Go to Start-->Run-->type inetmgr.


Step 3: Creating a web site


Step 4: Creating website


Step 5: Once the web site is created, change the application pool .Net framework version



Step 6: Go to “Sites” select “PSExplorer” site --> right click select “Manage Web Site"-->select Browse


PS Explorer site is launched


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